Devoted exclusively
to activated carbon
since 1995


We have more than 20 years of experience in supplying large volumes of granular and powdered carbon, and have a fleet of tankers reserved exclusively for transporting AC. Our tankers are loaded at our facilities, using equipment and silos reserved exclusively for activated carbon.

At our main headquarters in Castellbisbal (Barcelona), with storage capacity of more than 1,000 tonnes, we have a permanent stock of the widest range of activated carbon on the market.


As we have our own production plant and represent several other manufacturers, we have the right carbon for any application, whether from coconut shell, wood or minerals; granular, powdered or pelletised.

Likewise, as activated carbon is a product whose efficacy is closely tied to the application conditions, ChiemiVall not only focuses its efforts on supplying the product but also provides users with the technical guidance they need to choose the most suitable carbon and in designing and optimising equipment and processes.

Certified company

ChiemiVall is a member of the Spanish Association of Water Treatment and Management Companies and of the European Activated Carbon Consortium.

Sello Aqua


Guidance, production capacity, fast distribution and personalised solutions for each client are the basis of our leadership in the activated carbon sector.

We have our own lab specialising in analysis of activated carbon, which allows us to rigorously monitor the products supplied, as well as determining the saturation levels of those currently in service and recommending the best time to replace them.

From the very beginning, we have always offered our clients and collaborators courses and conferences on the principles of activated carbon, criteria for choosing the most suitable carbon, applying it and optimising equipment and processes.

We provide our clients with ongoing guidance on aspects such as:

  • Selecting the most suitable carbon.
  • Optimising equipment and processes.
  • Assessing projects.
  • Recommendations for operations.
  • Recommendations for getting started.

As our central warehouse is well stocked at all times, we can deliver your order in under 48 hours, anywhere in the country.

In collaboration with our clients, and with support from our suppliers and top-notch scientists, we are always developing new products that offer new solutions for situations in which conventional activated carbon doesn’t perform as desired.

To provide a solution for clients who are greatly inconvenienced by handling powdered activated carbon, we’ve developed CARBENT: pelletised powdered activated carbon. When dry, it behaves like granular AC, minimising dust issues, but it auto-disperses immediately on contact with an aqueous solution.

Activated carbon applications


Contact our technical department for guidance.