28 July, 2021


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Interesting Facts. Other Uses for Activated Carbon

2828As we discussed in our previous post, the food industry takes advantage of the properties of AC to make higher-quality foods and drinks and improve their aesthetics. But activated carbon has other uses, and some of them may surprise you.


Most people know, or at least those who follow our blog, that activated carbon is a compound of vegetable or mineral origin that has a high capacity to adsorb chemicals, toxins and other organic compounds.


Protective equipment against chemical hazards

Activated carbon is an essential component in respiratory protection equipment against harmful gases and vapours.


Its use as a means of protection against poisonous gases became widespread in the twentieth century, when so-called ‘chemical agents’ became a major tactic in warfare. In fact, activated carbon was an indispensable component of gas masks.


Chemical agents or weapons are normally dispersed in the air in the form of aerosols and some of them are volatilised in the form of vapour. Particulate filters can retain some of the solid particles, but they cannot act against vapours or smaller particles, so activated charcoal is used to retain them.


Standard activated carbon is effective in retaining nerve agents such as sarin, mustard gas, tear gas and arsine and, with specific impregnating agents, it can also retain other types of chemical agents.


Today, this use has taken a back seat and AC is now primarily used to manufacture protective masks for the adsorption of vapours generated in productive activities, such as acetone, ethanol, glycerine, ammonia or mercury vapours. However, it is important to remember that there are many other applications for AC beyond compound retention.


Specialised solutions

We are sure that learning about the various uses of activated carbon was surprising, or you at least found it interesting. It is important to remember that it is a plant compound; sometimes we forget everything that nature offers us.

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