25 August, 2023


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Odour treatment for food producers

What kind of activated carbon can be found in the food industry? Why is it so important to have such solutions in food production facilities? Our specialists can provide you with all the key points.


The environmental hygiene plan that food producers must implement

It is not only important to carry out a comprehensive plan of regular disinfection and cleaning on site. Equally important is having the best products to apply treatments capable of eliminating odours and improving environmental quality, something essential in restaurants or food production companies. Because it is precisely in this type of space that the typical smell of fried onions, fish, etc. can permeate.


The importance of using the best activated carbon odour treatments in the food industry

In the food sector, activated carbon filters are commonly used to treat products such as alcoholic beverages, caffeinated and decaffeinated products, glucose, vegetable oils and fats (to name but a few).


However, filtering solutions that improve environmental quality, including gas and odour treatment, also exist (and should be used). In this sense, more than 21% of the sales of activated carbon products are used to eliminate odours and clean the air. Because it is not about camouflaging, but about permanently eliminating the odours that this particular industrial activity leaves – and accumulates – in the environment.


What type of carbon is used in this sector?

The most common odour treatments are those based on activated carbon powder, either chemically or thermally. However, the use of granular activated carbon is also common and very effective, although it is much more residual than the other format.


How to acquire the best odour treatments for the food industry?

Generally, filtering systems with activated carbon are sold directly to the end customer, with the exception of the wine sector, where it is commercialised through wine product distributors.


Therefore, those interested in acquiring this type of solutions should contact a specialized manufacturing and distribution company such as ChiemiVall. We are backed by a long history of providing treatments in different formats to improve the environmental quality of facilities in all types of sectors.


Contact us and access an extensive catalogue of filtering solutions with activated carbon!