Filtration elements
to complement
Activated Carbon


Water treatment requires the use of other filtering agents before activated carbon. These elements don’t only retain large particles, in some cases they also filter out specific elements, complementing the activated carbon.

At ChiemiVall, we supply a selection of these filtration agents to improve the water treatment process.


Filtration products for water treatment

Mn 48 is a high-quality manganese dioxide with an optimal degree of purity (min. 80% MnO2). It is obtained by washing, drying and sieving the selected mineral. A filtering material to eliminate Fe and Mn in drinking water filtration systems.

The pyrolusite Mn48 is perfect for removing iron and magnesium from drinking water.

It complies with EN13752 standard.

Antra170 is an extremely high-quality anthracite obtained by washing, drying and sieving the selected mineral.

It is used in filtration systems with silica sand to purify drinking water, process water and pool water.

It complies with EN12909 standard.

Garnet is a combination of very hard, very dense granular minerals, available in different particle sizes.

This product is used in stratified filtration systems. These three-layer systems have a much greater filtering capacity.

It complies with EN12910 standard.

Hidrofer is a granular hydrous ferric oxide manufactured specifically to eliminate contaminants in water, such as arsenates, phosphates and sulphates.

The granular format means it can be used in closed pressurised filters to remove heavy metals from drinking water.

It complies with EN15029 standard.

Pyrolusite filtration


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