Removal of harmful gases such as solvents, acetone, mercury or ammonia

As specialists in the treatment of gasses using activated carbon, we know that this element has a wide range of applications and uses.

Thus, in sectors as important for public health as the food, chemical or pharmacological industries, or in environmental engineering and water treatment industries, activated carbon is a must. It is also the unrivalled ally in the purification of substances in all their forms (liquid, solid and gaseous).


In the following lines, however, we will discuss the significant function that activated carbon plays in the removal of harmful gases such as solvents, acetone, mercury or ammonia. Let’s have a look!


The importance of activated carbon for the elimination of harmful gases

Activated carbon accounts for 13% of sales in harmful gas removal solutions. This figure gives an idea of how essential activated carbon filtration is in alleviating problems caused by contaminated air emissions, either as a stand-alone solution or in combination with other methods.


Benefits of activated carbon for the elimination of harmful gases

In short, activated carbon improves the environmental conditions related to unpleasant or toxic odours, which is essential for the environment, but also for the health and well-being of the inhabitants of the area and the employees themselves.


What sectors use this type of treatment?

Harmful gas emissions can be generated in different industrial sectors, from petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals to food.


They also come from waste disposal companies or companies that manufacture plastics and polymers.


In such activities, activated carbon is able to remove, for example, mercury in natural gas feedstocks. It also purifies the air with amines in natural gas or ammonia and acetone scrubbing systems.


What type of carbon is used for this purpose?

Activated carbon filters are available in different formats to suit the requirements of the area in which they are to be applied. But when the objective is to eliminate harmful gases, carbon comes in pellet format and, to a lesser extent, granular with specific particle size distribution.


Do you need an effective solution for the removal of harmful gases to improve the environmental quality of your facilities? At ChiemiVall. we specialise in the treatment of gases with activated carbon and well as other environments, offering solutions in different formats designed for any industrial process.