17 May, 2021


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The Most Staggering Applications of Activated Carbon

Many of our clients use activated carbon to treat gases, but there are many other uses for AC. Read on to learn all about them.

Purifying spirits to retain its organoleptic molecules

The effectiveness of activated carbon makes it possible to modify the organoleptic profiles of distilled beverages or spirits, eliminating any undesirable components. This is very useful for distilling drinks like vodka, whisky or tequila, among others, as you can bleach the product to the desired level and remove unwanted tastes and smells.  It is therefore widely used in the alcoholic beverage industry to perfect the final product and make it more appealing to consumers.

If you would like to find out more about this multifunctional product, get in touch. You won’t regret it!


Treating burns and wounds with activated carbon and silver dressings

These dressings are made with an inner layer of silver-impregnated carbon coated by two outer layers of fibre fabrics. This impregnated component has two purposes: to prevent bacteria in the wound and eliminate odours. The silver impregnation creates a bacteria-free space and reduces the risk of contamination and infection. The other advantage is that it is not toxic when it comes into contact with the skin.


Removing odours in poorly ventilated interiors

Bad smells from food are immediately evident in closed spaces such as restaurant kitchens, large refrigerators or windowless warehouses. Activated carbon is an excellent natural remedy for eliminating unpleasant odours. Using small granular activated carbon filters to remove fridge odours has become very popular in recent years.


Recovering gold and other precious metals

Gold can be retained with activated carbon when in the form of chlorine cyanide. When in this form, it can be separated from other compounds and subsequently recovered thanks to a reversible retention by the carbon. To retain these precious metals, a microporous granular carbon of high hardness and density and with an acidic PH is typically used. So, this versatile product, which you can buy at ChiemiVall at any time, can be used to recover gold, bronze and silver.