chiemivall empresa

Chiemivall, more than 20 years of experience in the field of activated carbon.

Founded in 1995, ChiemiVall is a company dedicated exclusively to importing and trading activated carbon.

Representing several manufacturers, enables us to offer the most suitable carbon for each application; whether obtained from coconut shell, wood or mineral in granular form, pellet, or powder.

Our main office is located in Barbera del Valles (Barcelona), where we have over 700 MT of storage space with a permanent stock of the widest range of activated carbon in the market.

Being activated carbon a product whose effectiveness is closely linked to the conditions in which it is applied, ChiemiVall not only concentrates its efforts on supplying the product, but also offers users the necessary technical assistance as regards choosing the most suitable carbon, as well as the design and optimisation of equipment and processes.

Development of new products

In collaboration with our customers and the support of our suppliers and highest level scientists we are permanently developing new products that provide solutions whenever conventional activated carbon is unable to offer the desired performance.

ChiemiVall is a member of the Spanish Association of Water Treatment and Control.